Ever since the beginning of our project New Music Fridays, our goal was that it can always be a team effort. That is why we are calling all of our readers to help with the content that we deliver on the blog.

Write for us

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Are you a guitar player, a music fan or a true wordsmith? Go to our contact page and express your desire to join our writing team either part-time or full-time. Get the chance to be an active part in providing our visitors with the content you are passionate about.

Review our articles

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Feel free to make your voice heard and share your opinions about the pieces of content we produce. What do you think we should keep on doing and what is something you think we can improve?

Send in suggestions

As a music lover, a history aficionado or a guitarist eager to learn more about your instrument, what do you think we should talk about? Suggest themes, posts or even specific titles for articles you would love to read.

New Music Fridays is a community. We want you to be permanently linked to our writing process. Don’t forget: to contribute in any of the three ways above head over to our contact page.