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3 of the Best Quotes from Famous Guitarists

History has produced hundreds of incredibly gifted guitarists. Here are the thoughts of three of them to keep you inspired.

Jimi Hendrix

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The legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix once said that music is always true, it doesn’t lie. Any change that needs to happen in the world is possible through the power of music.

It’s only fitting that Hendrix talked about the truth in music. Even though he was not one of the most technically skilled guitarists, he was one of the most truthful and natural. That is why he is known as one of the best musicians to ever walk this earth.

He was the personification of his music, not just an artist playing. And as with any human, Hendrix was flawed and layered. So, his music couldn’t have been technically faultless. Creatively, though, it definitely was.

Keith Richards

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The iconic member of The Rolling Stones said that music is an absolute basic necessity. For him, it was so essential that it was only behind nourishment, air and warmth.

This urge to feeling the music as an ultimate condition for living is truly reflected in Richards’ work. He created some of the best melodies and lyrics in history. He was never afraid to innovate, which is a huge factor to the longevity and success of his band.

It’s no wonder that people are willing to pay a lot to see Richards, either solo or with the Stones. When he plays, he is fulfilling the crowd’s need for music.

Eric Clapton

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The revered musician thinks he has some share of the responsibility to keep music alive and thriving. He wants to preserve the tradition of the blues and feels like that is an immensely honorable task to carry on his shoulders.

With his simplicity and honesty, Clapton revolutionized music and become one of the most influential figures in rock. He achieves the remarkable feat of writing and producing music that is always both innovative and rooted in tradition.

All three of these legends defined what it is to grab a guitar and create magic.

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