The guitars that changed history

Hello! We welcome you to our blog New Music Fridays. Yes, Friday is the day in which new music is typically released. But our blog doesn’t focus on the new tunes we are offered each week.

Instead, the name is sort of a music pun related to the content we actually cover: the history of the guitar.

The guitar has evolved over the centuries from other stringed instruments at such an amazing pace and with such groundbreaking advancements that it seems like new creations were being made weekly across several countries in the world.

Have you ever wondered how it is that instruments that were played before the common era went on to kick off the development of the electric guitar last century? Yes, that is a stretch.

All string instruments are not directly related. But in fact, that is the span of time we cover on New Music Fridays. Will you miss out on centuries of fantastic music history?

We produce content on the evolution of the ancient, classical, modern, acoustic and electric guitars. We will also bring you some interesting facts and figures about the most expensive guitars ever sold or the oldest ones that have survived the ages and can still be found on display.

Whether you’re a passionate guitar player or simply a music fan who loves to know more, New Music Friday is the place to travel through time and space in music history.